Our Pricing

We strive to grow high quality produce that tastes FAR superior to what you get at the grocery store!

Our pricing reflects the costs we incur to grow our products -- this means labour (i.e. time spent seeding, weeding, harvesting and processing... and as a spray-free operation, that means A LOT of time spent weeding!), quality soil amendments, packaging, etc.

Sometimes our pricing will change from week to week, based on supply. When we have an excess of certain products, we lower the price so we can move more of that product while it's fresh.


A note on Web Store Pricing:
While the price of our products can change week to week at the Farm Store or Farmer's Market, we rarely change the prices listed on our Web Store. This allows us to cover the cost of additional labour required to package these orders, the software that we use and credit card fees. When supply is limited, we prioritize web store orders FIRST. As such, when you order through the Web Store, you also get FIRST DIBS on products that we typically sell out of at the Farm Store & Farmer's Market.

A note on the Price of Eggs:
Due to the rising price of feed, we have had to raise the price of our eggs to $7.00/dozen. This allows us to purchase good quality feed for our chickens, egg cartons and make a marginal profit so we can cover the cost of labour required to maintain our flock.

Debit and Credit Card Fees:
The fees for us to process debit and credit card transactions just keep increasing. As such, we require a minimum $10 purchase. If your total is less than $10, we charge a $0.25 fee to help us cover the cost of incurred fees.

Keeping our Products Accessible
If you are struggling to put healthy food on your table, we invite you to pay what you can for our products. The easiest way to do this is to shop at our Farm Store on Thursdays and Fridays.